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Can someone help me with the dimensions for drawers? Answered

I am super new at woodworking, but I am trying to build a set of drawers similar to this: http://drp.ly/EpZ0

Two questions I was hoping to get help on...

1) When making the actual drawers, how much space do I want to leave on the sides so it is able to catch the track? Is half an inch the correct amount? 

2) I know it is really hard to tell from the picture, but does the inside drawer track connect to a side wall? Or most likely a bottom board that uses ball bearings?



7 years ago

There are a few chest of drawer projects here: http://woodgears.ca/

Check them out, maybe you will find the answers you're looking for!

Yeah, it's pretty fantastic.

Go to the hard ware store and measure up some drawer kits.

1.  It depends on how you build the frame and drawer and how your drawer slide works.

2.  I believe there might be a middle divider with 6 drawers.  Each drawer has a side mount drawer glide.  Either purchased or job built.


It might be 3 drawers that have the front face cut to look like 6 drawers.  Each of the three drawers have some type of side glide.

Do you think if I went with 3 long drawers that it would be to unsteady with no middle wall?

The length on this piece is 63 inches.

If you use good drawer glides it will be steady. THey should have printed specs on the length to width ratio that is okay.

This is not really a beginners project.  I've got lots of experience and consider this at least an intermediate project. 

The biggest issue is keeping everything exactly square.  Then getting the drawers to line up PERFECTLY in the frame.  If they don' line up right it looks really bad.

Not telling you you shouldn't try it just pointing out some of  the hard places up front.