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Can someone make an ible on how to pick a hat that looks good on you? Answered

My new avatar notwithstanding, I can never pick out a hat in real life. Every hat I try on is either too big for my face, or makes my head look weird. I know that girls can look awesome in a tasteful hat, but there must be some trick I'm missing. Do you go according to face shape? Age? Size? Can someone make an ible on how to pick a hat (like a straw-cowboy-fedora type hat...not a SISSY hat) ? Please?


I think some people just don't look good in hats (or aren't comfortable with they way they look in them). I'm like that with hats and sunglasses. I guess i'm screwed when it comes to UV protection =p

I always feel silly, like somehow a hat is a waste of money, like someone in my head is asking, why am I spending perfectly good money on a hat?

You'll know you've found the right one when you don't feel that way. You'll be able to tell yourself that you will wear it a lot =]

:D Yay! You shut up the "voice" in my head who tries to keep me from buying the perfect hat-she has nothing left to say...you completely defeated her! That is a good point. :)

Just buy one, you only live once, and who gives a toss what others think,as long as you take it off in a court room you'll be just fine......

Ooh, I have a suggestion. Bring with someone that you know has good taste, or ask for the storekeepers opinion. Maybe they can help you find a good one.

or makes my head look weird.

This is true of hats (IMHO) no matter what the "hat" looks like.

Me, I go for functional (like many males), a brim to shade the forehead, white in color if I can get it to reflect the heat (rather then heat up) from my skull.

Floppy hats are bothersome, there is no place for them if you wish to take them all away from home. Feathers are pretty, but messy if it rains or is very humid. Straw is great, but then you need a long piece of a dried wheat plant hanging from your mouth to complete that picture. A "cabby's cap" needs to be worm somewhat like Andy Cap wears his, but that is dangerous if you drive or go anywhere....hard to see. :-)

Not an expert, I am just opinionated, and know it....


Well, the hat thing was a bit of joshing about (although I do find it hard to do anything with a floppy hat once it is removed somewhere away from home LOL).

Can someone make an ible on how to pick a hat (like a straw-cowboy-fedora type hat...not a SISSY hat) ?

Is it possible to pick a wrong fedora? I didn't know that there was such a thing.

No, but it's possible for people to get confused and think I mean a wimpy sissy girly pink flowered feathery monstronsity instead of a proper hat. :)

Okay then, take your avatar picture to the hat store and say you want one like it. Or an Indiana Jones picture. Or an Inspector Clouseau picture.

Heh heh..."Clouseau" is in the Firefox dictionary, and I don't think I added it.

A clean white cowboy hat looks great like the kind they give away at the Calgary Stampede take a look http://smithbilthats.com/white-hat.htm rhey have been making them since 1819 even George Bush and Vladimir Putin owns one from this company and BB used to ... And they look Great on every one....

*rereads post*


I'm gonna go the the Calgary Stampede!

Yes they give them away, mine was free, and last year they gave out, I think it was 8000 of them, but it's also a tradition and symbol of western hospitality where the mayor gives a white smithbilt hats to dignitaries that visit Calgary.....

I reeeeally like those hats! I think that shape would look great on me! Thanks so much for the link!

I got one when I was a kid and they do look nice on every one.... And they are not like mass produced hat's these are the real deal Wool and Silk, and they last even if you wear them every day....

Face shape and hair, white straw hats look great on some and so so on others. Post a pic ...

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