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Can someone make an instructable for a garbasail? Answered


Hello, my name is Josh, I am actually the father of modern day Garbasailng.  I hope to make complete instructions here on instructables, but for now you can find some older directions at:


then click "join the rebellion" in the upper right

then click "how to" up top

then click "read more" on the left

navigation is at the lower right


you may also want to check out the garbasail site here:


That link tells you how to do it, what more do you want?


 no it doesn't, it justs tell the process of making it, and flying, no instructions whatsoever,.

I'm not seeing which details you need that the page isn't giving you. It's plastic sheet taped together, with strings attached. I reckon I could make one easily - but I don't know what I could document that isn't on that page.


 then maybe some extra addons, or safety additions, (like the ones above) along with it?

You could save yourself a ton of hassle by using a roll or two of plastic dropcloth instead of a whole bunch of trash bags. You'd still want to reinforce it with duct tape in the same kind of grid pattern, but you'd have many many fewer actual seams. Might make it hold together better....

Looks cool, and the corners aren't hard at all - the only tricky bits are getting the flying lines the right length to fly rather than drag along the ground, and then finding a way of holding on without having your fingers sliced off - that thing will pull.

I'm thinking wrist straps made of nylon web, like the ones used for some dual-line stunt kites.  A heavy-duty grommet in each end with the rope passing through both, and you're good to go.

Actually, maybe a short loop of rope (like the ones in the kite corners) passing through the grommets, and the flying line tied off to the short loop. I think that would distribute the load a little better.