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Can someone please build a removable magazine for yellow rods? Answered

I am building a sniper that shoots yellow rods, but i can't create a good enough magazine for it. Please HELP! i would like it to look like Ironman69's removable magazine if possible.


this may be the best asnwer, but im going to give others a chance cause others said that they would like to take the challenge. but other than that, thanks for this! Just wondering, but why do both magazines have that green connector on the top? plus, couldn't the rods slip out becasue the that balljoint connector not being long enough?

Here is a high capacity mag and a breach I made. Hopefully this will work To load just unclip the top. And put the bullets in. Then reclip it and put in the block in. Now just snap it into the breach pull out the pin and your ready to go. If you decide to use this I would appreciate some credit.


this is probably the best mag ive looked at, but i want to see the other ones before i give you best answer. here are some pics of my sniper, see if you can mod that mag to fit this. as you can see, there is only enough room for a yello rod, so the white connectors are like "walls."


Here is the new mag. You might have to change up your breach a tad. Or you could just use the one in the picture. If you use the one in the picture you can use gray rods instead of red (tan).


YES!! It is removable though right? also, it was excruciatingly hard to put the breach on my sniper, so i just want to know, will it still work for mine do you think? sorry i couldnt reply sooner, i was in Sedona vacationing on Sunday

Yep it’s removable and I thing it will work on yours. You might have to add or remove one white connector but other than that I think it will work. If you decide to use this I would appreciate some credit.

so does it require one of those rods to push to bullets up? dont worry if i use this, you will definitley recieve credit. i hate it when people dont give credit to others for what they did. you will most likely recieve best answer, but tommorow. i want to see the others. but if no one else answeres this question, then you will get it for sure. Thanx a LOT!!!!!!!!

ok, sorry for not giving you best answer sooner, but tigernod sent me a private message that he is almost done, so i just wanted to see if his was good, but i did promise it to you, so here you go, thanx for all you did!

Oh, I dunno if I said this to you before but I gave up because it jammed like hell, I tested it with almost 40 rods and only one reached the mag.

oh really? because mine is working perfectly on my sniper, i mean perfectly.

Yeah, now I see Killersafecrackers mag, I see it is exactly like mines except that his one has spacers on the side... Such a small change... EPIC PHAIL!!!

so when do you think you can send me the instructions, or is it easy enought to build just from those pictures?

Here are some instructions if you need them: Pic one: build 2 of these. Pic two: build 2 of these and gather 6 white rods. Pic three: add white rods to one of the panels. Pic four: add the two side rails. Pic five: put the other side panel on and your done.


L0l, I was working on the exactly the same thing too but I gave up because my jammed like hell. Does your mag jam alot?

Cool, it looks like you did something I did wrong. Maybe its the spacers... Anyway, did you made an instructible?

I didn't post a ible but instructions on how to make it are on this page.

sorry for the late reply, but, can you explain how it works? i think that thing beside it is a mag pusher, but then why is there a part in the map that is open at the bottom?

my new gun has a hopper for yellows.

really? is it posted? do you think you could mod it to become a mag, not a hopper?

Well, I like hoppers better. Most of them jam less often.

I believe such a thing has already been done :) check the jamalams instructables.

the firestorm assault rifle has a removable mag ill get pics up soon ps its not posted

That's not hard. Just take a look at existing barrels.

no, i meant a removable magazine or clip like ironman's not a barrel design, but thanks for that!

Woops, did I say barrel? I meant existing mags. If you can't do it, maybe I will take the challenge.

really? that would be great! I looked at existing mags, but none of them work, and i couldln't find one for yellow rods that was removable. if you can make one for me, that would be awesome!

I'll see what I can do. I will contact you if I am finished.

Try Burrito_Master's. It's not bad.

the only problem is that it is not removable. i created a barrel in which there is only enough room for a yellow rod to enter through so i need a mag that can hole those yellow rods and just push them in.