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Can someone please help me create something quick, easy & free to do? Answered

I am tired of being bored then having ideas that are too expensive to make or do. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!!!!! If I like your idea and make it, I will post the pics most likely...
(if you help, please leave some instructions)



8 years ago

Try your hand at paper airplanes, once you get the hang of it, design your own.

It's also good if you get stung by jellyfish at the beach.  Just, well you know, on where ever you got stung and It's better than almost anything else for the pain.

Am I allowed to get a friend to help if aI'm a bit dehydrated?

It's always nice to get a friend to help.

Wow... the article is pretty neat but I don't think I'll be trying that any time soon... ;-) Thanks!!! That was a good read :-D

If your into music, you can make some pretty cool instruments with pvc pipe... flutes didgeridoos various types of percussion and water drums.  

My son and I made a working telegraph with house hold objects. Nails wire paperclips batteries.....

and if your into multimedia stuff you can check out some of the opensource offerings... everything from animation to music composition to game design. Best of all its free.

Then again if your a life long learner, google the open course project. Many  of the best universities world wide have put their undergraduate courses online for  free. Podcasts of lectures, all kinds of things. MIT offers a bunch.

Yes well I guess the MIT courses might be a bit too much (MIT is a University). But even at 13 you might check out the Open Source Project. Its basically where individuals and groups get together online, design software and then offer it free to the public. You can get programs for game design or that will allow you to create photo shop effects. There are free games, desktop publishing, video editing.... All kinds of stuff and its free and legal.

As for the pvc instruments, you can find a lot of projects and plans online.

Below is a link to a page to calculate hole size and spacing to make a flute

This site tells about Japanese flute making. Even though they call for bamboo you can substitute pvc

For Native American

These are just to get you started... You can also look up experimental instruments on google to find other types of instruments besides flutes. Flutes are just quick and easy.

Here is something really cool and FREE to do.  I dont think i will ever get around to making an INSTRUCTABLE for it... so i will give it to YOU to do. 
I did not think this one up... a Vietnamese girl i knew told me about it 20 years ago.  Here it is:

   Get your remote control for your TV.  Get a small plastic baggie that is SEE through.  Place the remote inside the see through plastic bag.  Now, you can still use the remote, because the light shines through the bag.  Now your remote will not get GRUBBED UP with chocolate, popcorn oil, or spilled soda.  Now your remote will look like NEW for many years. You could also wrap the remote with saran wrap/clingy wrap would work just as good.   

TAKING IT A STEP FURTHER....  Cut off the EXCESS plastic and fold it to the back side of the remote and tape it down with any tape.  Now it fits snugly in the plastic bag.   Now go to the HOBBY STORE and get some of those STICKY stickers.  Paste a RED DOT over the RECORD button.  Place a DOGGY sticker over the MUTE button.  Place a sticker of a dinosaur over the button that you always need to use... but cant remember which button it was.  Or because you are older and cant find your GLASSES... you cant read the buttons labels... so the stickers help you push the right ones.  Put a sticker of a STOP sign on the button GRANDMAW always pushes that you keep telling her DONT PUSH THIS MENU BUTTON GRANDMAW... because she messesup all the settings and you cant get them back.    You can even use a MAGIC MARKER to write on the plastic bag above some of the buttons.... such as the NUMBER BUTTONS that it is difficult to see the TINY numbers without your glasses...   This would make a great instructable to use for helping grandpa or grandma use the remote better.  Us oldsters are not STUPID.... we just cant see those tiny letters next to the buttons. 

I hope you make this instructable....  i think it is such a cool idea. 

How about making some jewelry out of salvaged electronics parts?

Welcome to instructables.  Use the 'explore' link at the top to find literally THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of awesome projects.

Search by interests, or by what raw materials you have, and you will be surprised what you find!

What kind of things are you interested in?
I don't want to waste my ideas giving them to you if you'll not be interested in them.
How much are you willing to spend?
Do you know anything about electronics?
How about chemistry?
Do you want something arty?
Or mechanical?