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Can someone please help me? Answered


I am new to instructables and just uploaded my first one. 

I created the steps and images on my laptop, which looked great on my laptop, but didn't upload so great.  The quality dropped!!!

Considering it is for turning snapshots into professional photographs, this is not good.

Has anyone else run into this?




All the images are rescaled during upload. Which means that the quality is dropped on the images you see on an instructable. However, if you click the little 'i' in the top corner of the image you can then view the picture both in its original size, and the rescaled sizes instructables uses for thumbnails etc.

Here is one of those said links, you can see the different sizes down the side.
If you click onto the original size  you can see your picture as you originally intended. One option is to add these links into the body, pointing out for full res versions, people should visit those links.


Ah, thank you....I will add a note for viewers regarding that. Well, after Feb 5th. Currently this is for a class I am taking and we are not allowed to update until after that date (having a contest to see who can get the most hits - so to keep it fair we cannot update). But, I plan to keep this and make more after the grading. I love this site and what it offers!

There is a visible improvement between the before/after shots you have posted here and in your Instructable. As somebody else has already posted, it is a useful project - you have achieved what you set out to do.

The loss of detail you see between your originals and the end product is probably due to the compression performed during uploading.

I would suggest trying posting separate before/after shots, like you did for the introduction shot of the train.

(As an aside, I would not post your email address in such an open format, unless you are ready for a whole load of spam.)

Thank you for the feedback. Where there is a visible difference in the before and after, the after is not how it originally looked. For example, I can see the grain in the skin compared to my original with powder smooth skin. Also the soft glow has turned to a bit of a grainy look as well.

Regarding posting my email, where does the email show? I don't think I posted it in the forum. Does it show as part of my profile? Oh, maybe I had it in the steps. This was actually created as a class assignment. I will make sure it is removed right after its graded.

Thank you again for your feedback!

You posted your email in the introduction to your Instructable.

Depending on the marking criteria, you may want to remove the email before grading (would your tutors mark you down for not preserving your own internet security?).

Oh, and another thing that might help your grade could be inserting a comment suggesting that readers click on the i icon, as gmjhowe suggested at 1:18 ibles time.

I wish I had known about the i icon before our publish. I will write my instructor regarding my removal of the email address. I'm sure he would understand, so long as I don't change anything else - to keep it fair. (class contest to see who can get the most clicks based on what we currently designed - we all published at the same time. Contest ends Feb 5th at 8am...wish me luck!)

Thank you very much for the input.

. The pics I see in your iBle show the differences well. Maybe not as well as the originals would, but the is a marked difference. As Kiteman pointed out, Robot will sometimes do some compressing, but I have no idea what triggers the compression routine.