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Can someone please help - our Dell Inspirion 1525 Vista Integrated Webcam is not working? Answered

Hi. We have a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop, running on Vista 32-bit.

The integrated webcam packed up today after it was working yesterday. Just keep getting advice to connect webcam before accessing various things we need webcam for (esp Skype).

No Imaging Devices folder in device manager, so can't enable through there, so we have tried uninstalling/re-installing the drivers, tried updating the drivers, tried using the original drivers, all to no avail :o(

Can anyone advise anything to try, other than upgrading to Windows 7 or buying an external webcam please? it's driving me mad!!!!?


Thanks for your advice. That is what i would have done automatically, but the only way I can find to contact them is via the 0844 number that states there are charges for their help, and I'm guessing the charge for this issue would be in the £59 + bracket from what i've read. We would rather just get an external webcam for that money..... or do you know another way/number?

What?! OK, read my comment retrospectively to men "please mention that you've considered Dell in the question".

What I would do in the first instance is pick my way through these:
-until I found something useful or lost hope.


Thank you for your help again and your link. I have run endless searches on google and on the dell forums regarding this problem and tried every crazy thing that's been suggested. I am at said point where I have lost hope. Hence I joined a forum just to ask this question. we are pretty certain it is just dead. but thought we'd try this before giving up. ps I am none the wiser as to your point re asking Dell.


7 years ago

You appear to have done all the correct things, like uninstall and update drivers. So its very likely that the unit has died. An external one might be the only answer. Upgrading the OS would not fix anything if the component is dead.

The only other thing I would try is looking on the Dell web site and try to find info in the FAQ and tech support pages.

Thanks for your advice. We have tried the Dell web site, it just advises to re-install as far as I can find, and we've searched the forums too and same there, nothing works :o( I think you're right, we need a new webcam, but just wish to check everything first. I have heard of websites where you can test your webcam, do you know of any and do they actually work?