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Can someone please work out the piano chords/ melody for this song....... Please? Answered

The song is called Cheer me up. It was originally recorded by Natasha Bedingfield, but I prefer Victoria Justice's version...... here is a link.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9_IJ-fKBFE. -That is the piano version but there is only 1 minute of it....  Here is  the studio version...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpvM3EY1SuE&feature=related Please  help me I am rubbish at working out songs and the chords are NO-WHERE!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   :{)



6 years ago

An easy one--a variation of the punk rock chord progression, which is a variation of the Sensitive Female chord progression, which is a variation of the standard do-woop prog....

Took about 2 minutes on guitar to figure out:


The last chord sort of switches between Bmaj and Bsus (suspended). And there may be inversions, etc. in the piano arrangement, but that's basically it...

I'm having trouble separating the melody from from the vocals and other noise. If you have a copy or a link to a midi, or a ringtone, of just the melody, that would help a lot.

Also I know there is a "be nice" policy with respect to the comments here, but after following those Youtube links to the "Cheer Me Up" samples, I felt really felt the need to listen to something like this:

Ministry - New World Order(Music Video)

, just as an antidote.

Ahhhhh... That's feels much better!

I know I can't do anything about your taste in music, but a copy or link to
midi or ringtone of just the melody of  "Cheer Me Up", if you can find it, that would facilitate the process of decoding it into chords.