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Can someone recommend some Wii games for my two-year-old? Answered

We just bought a Wii (thanks to the $50 price drop) and are having a blast, as expected! I'm wondering if there are any games out there suitable for a two-year-old so she can play, too. Nothing complicated of course, just something where she can wave the wiimote around and have something interesting happen onscreen.


Honestly, I would really recommend Wario Ware. She doesn't really need to understand it to play, and it's very colorful and makes lots of interesting noises. It's mostly pressing one button, or moving the remote up and down, and occasionally a combination of both. Plus, it's something you could probably sit down and play with her, helping her learn what she should be doing in each stage. :)

Heh, I read a review on it, and it certainly seems like a "wave the wiimote" sort of game! I'll try renting it to see if she likes it.

Really...I can't see any games that even a 2 year old would comprehend...

Well, she's almost there. We handed her the remote and she was navigating the menus by pointing and hitting the "A" button. She knows she's controlling things on the screen, but her co-ordination isn't so great yet and button presses are pretty random. Thus, the requirement for something she can just wave the wiimote at (for now).

Wii sports resort's good, i like it. then of course, you've got wii play.

I second Foehammer358. Wii Sports Resort is one of the "must buy" Wii games (and I would classify very few as must buy). Before buying anything (other than Sports Resort), I would try it out first. Blockbuster rents Wii games and if you're a member online you get 1 free per month.

I recently had a look for my 3yo wifes granddaughter - and they don;t have any! I was so upset by it I enquired as to the programming pack for the wii and that costs £2500! If you do find any, please advise, as I'd love to know!

I do, she also started young, as did her kids!!!

ahh! I got it! Yes, my grammar is quite poor today! Thanks!