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Can someone show me wa way to attach my small video camera in my car to video the traffic as i drive. Answered



There is a car-driving-loop camera out there, that sticks on your dash, and records endlessly - about half an hour's worth. If you get in an accident then you hit the stop button so it keeps the evidence. Downside is they are low quality cameras. I'm in the process of building right now exactly what you're mentioning - except its gonna have 3++ cameras and a car mounted computer to digitally record, with solar/backup batteries to keep it running 24/7.

You could modify one of the mounts for a GPS to stick your camera on the dash with the suction pad or the weighted non-slip beanbag. Or else mod some bracket to attach to one of the seat headrests. Don't watch the monitor screen as you drive because the minute delay of motion in picture will cause you to get a headache as you see outside because they will not be synched up. Good luck.