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Can someone suggest audio analysis software for a project I am doing? Answered

I am working on a project on holophonic/binaural/sound localization where I need to find the pitch, sound intensity, and other sound differences between the left microphone and the right microphone and I don't know much about audio analysis software. What software should I use?


While I like to use Audacity for my regular recording of things and I do own a very old version of GoldWave (one of the best and the easiest "freebies" I have ever used), you should check out some of the other offerings out there. Nonags is a freeware site that has been around for a long time. Many of the freebies I have used over the years have come from there. So, I took a quick look, and I found this Frequency Analyzer that should help you. Download, unzip and just run, no install needed. Small too. If you record the 2 channels as a .WAV file, you can read the wave into it and do what you need from there.

There are more frequency analyzers on the 'net, just look for them. Nonags audio section is a decent place to start.


Audacity should do the trick... And it's free.


There is a good program called Goldwave that I have found useful. It has lots of filtering capabilities, etc, and you get get a free trial version. Go to www.goldwave.com