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Can someone tell me how a real minigun works? Answered

I would like to know how a real minigun works, like I know a minigun has multiple turning barrels but How do the bullets get fired, is there a single firing pin or does every barrel have a firing pin. I tried to find this out on wikipedia but I just can't figure it out. PS: I would like to know this because I'm trying to construct something similar with knex.


I gave this best answer because this was all I needed, thanks alot!

I know the most about miniguns here, and I didn't find this question... No fair...


8 years ago

The Dillon Aero Minigun uses bolt assemblies for each barrel. Basically, each barrel is a complete gun unto itself. Coupled with and automatic ammunition feeder and a rotating assembly, each barrel/gun is fired and reloaded independently of the others.
Take a look here and pay attention to the components page to give you an idea of how the minigun works: