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Can someone tell me how to make a litter box? Answered

It is for my cat in my room. I do not want to get up and step in a pile of litter. Also, ideas for a feed bowl, water bowl, or bed? I might get a kitten soon.....


A basic litter box can be achieved with using a rectangular container, like a rubbermaid or plastic bin. Just make sure the sides are not too high, but high enough that you can fill the box with kitty litter. There are a couple kinds that you can use, but in your room you might want a clumping type formula and then use a 'straining type scooper' to clean it out regularly.

For food & water dishes, almost any kind of bowls will work. If you buy from a pet store (or even a dollar type discount store that sells pet supplies), you can get ones that are heavier on the bottom so they won't easily be tipped over. Some have rubber on the bottom to prevent them from sliding around on the floor.

For both the litter box and food area, you might want to put down a plastic or rubber mat (that's larger than the containers), to catch any messes that a cat is inevitably going to make.

Then don't forget the most important things like a vet check-up, shots and have the cat fixed. Too often people are neglecting such things and its a shame how many animals are euthanized as a result.

Yes. Far more important than boxes, beds and bowls... ;)

Because all cats are different and most have some strange habits, if you are on a tight budget, it might be better not to listen so much advice about what to buy, but at first use what is at hand and see what special whishes the cat has.

For example if the cat likes to eat on windowsill instead of floor, then special plastic bowls are not needed, some old ceramic plates will do, as nobody can step onto them and break them. If the cat is digging the inside of the litterbox around on every use then higher sided box or a "house" may be preferred. Grown-up and not yet old (or overweight) cat can climb into pretty high-walled box. But some cats might just refuse to do that also.

As for the bed I know only one uncontested popular place - it is on the keyboard of a working laptop :)

I might post a picture of my cat... meantime, look for my next instructable in the future, cooking secrion.. it will be called BBQ Veggies and chicken with rice. Tellme how I did!

Your cat is cute.

Here's a picture of the one who has taught me most about their personalities.


I don't like the sound of "I might get a kitten soon".

Will you be able to Vet' and feed it, will it get outdoors, are you lonely etc?


Other cat died of old age, the other two are lonely. It will have a vet, because there is a vet in town. 2 stories tall, bottom story: pet vet. Top story: Karate class! :)

I hope that the new one gets on with the other two then.



6 years ago

The cat won't really care, to them anything that holds dirt is fine which is why they will use flower pots if given the chance. It's more a question of what you want and what you can tolerate. My daughter has one of those boxes that has a cover and a door and she got a litter catcher mat for outside the door so it cleans their feet when they climb out. I think the best thing of all is to toilet train them. But that takes time and work. Do a Google search on "how to teach a cat to use a toilet" and you might get some totally new ideas.
As far as dishes again, its more you than them. I keep food in a big plastic bin and Homer, one of my many cats, has figured out how to open the lid. So he can have a dish full of food but he will sneak it from the bin instead. Its really funny because he gets his mouth as full as he can and then carries it to a rug where he puts it in a pile. Then with the others watching he eats a little and growls at the others, and eats a little more. When the pile is gone he returns to the bin for another batch. They can be just as funny with water. I leave a cup on the bathroom counter with water in it because for some reason Jet likes her water there. She also plays with the water as it comes out of the faucet. Some of the others jump into the bathtub and lick up the water in it. Just find what they like and accommodate them where its possible.
As far as a bed goes, they sleep wherever they want to. One of Jets favorite places is in a laundry basket with clean clothes in it. I have also found her in the dryer so I have to try and keep the door to that closed. On chairs, under chairs, on top of the fridge, on the ironing board, on a pantry shelf, in a box, in a basket, in a sink, (one of jets new favorites) in a pile on my desk, pretty much where ever they can is where they sleep.

I rest my case, OK guys, where am I supposed sit?


So cute!! My black cat does that alot. BTW my cat looks like the one on the very edge of the chair, the dark one.

on a train, in a plane, lol... no seriously. You make good points for the OP. ;)


6 years ago

Hey, about the vet...... We all ready have 2 other cats, so the kitten would already have a vet.


PS iceng, that is a good idea, I will look around. lemonie, the other cats have been lonely, and seem to need a playmate. It is not set in stone, but we will most likely get one. We have never actually bought a cat, because one showed up starving at the doorstep, and the other was set out in the middle of the road to be run over. I saw one on the Young-Williams animal shelter (Knoxville) that looked beautiful, and it is already spade/neatured. The 2 I already own are also spade and neautered.

Garden center and get a 2 or 3 inch deep tray.

Buy bowls intended for pets so they don't tip them over. i.e. wider at base than top.


6 years ago

There are several cat litter box constructs on the right side of this page
one may be an answer to your Q.