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Can someone tell me if I'm crocheting correctly? Answered

So I'm trying to make some arm-warmers and I'm making my own pattern. 

The pattern I have so far is:

43 ch
3 turning chain
42 dc
3 turning chain

But when I'm doing it the pattern is curling on itself. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. 

Also note that I'm really green to crocheting so I'm probably just doing something I'm not understanding. So if you don't know, then could you please give advice on the basics? or link to something similar?

Thank you!



Best Answer 5 years ago

Saw your pic and here's thought for you... Is your stitch count the same across every row? With dc, your turning chain counts as your 1st dc of the row. You put the next dc in the 2nd dc of the previous row, not the dc right next to the base of the turning chain. If you keep putting a dc in the 1st dc right next to the turning chain, you're adding to your count instead of keeping it even.

As a new crocheter, a trick I found was once I finished a row, I counted all the stitches to make sure that I didn't miss any. Also, make sure that your last dc of the row is worked into the top of the previous row's turning chain. A way to make this easier is to put a slip stitch marker in the top chain before you turn the whole piece so you know where to put the dc of the next row.

Hope this helps and that you can understand it. Give me a holler if I need to clarify anything further (either in words or using pics) or isn't the problem you're having. :)


5 years ago

As far as I'm aware it is normal, try as hard as you can to keep the stitches the same length and tightness as each other.