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Can someone translate this? Pretty sure it's supposed to be Russian. Answered

I need this translated from Russian into English. Please and thank you :)



Pistols of 9mm calibre-
A wonderful way to fight small monsters and smash crates with ammunition.
You'll never feel unarmed with them. Due to the new technology the number of bullets is now unlimited.

Whatever is this?????

Did you try Google Translator? I know what you have is a graphic, but you can type in phonetic spellings. The Cyrillic alphabet has a relatively standard transliteration (I'd suggest using the far right column, Passport 2003).

In the process, you might learn some cool stuff, like being able to sound out the words and phrases you find on vodka bottles or in old 1980's Cold War movies :-)

I think its like map1 score 999999 health 100 kills 360 you didn't get any CKOPOCTb: and it say something about a 9mm hand gun..... I think :P