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Can substitute 300uf 450v with 3300uf 450v? Answered

I'm replacing some capacitors on my plasma tv couse it stopped working I opened it up and these capacitors look a little bit bulgy just a bit I'm hopping if I change them it might start working again the two capacitors are hard to find so I am trying to replace 300uf 450v with a 3300uf 450v can it be done



7 months ago

Keep it 300 microfarad, 450v or even 600 v if available.

3300 will only bring trouble.



7 months ago

Very perceptive of you to notice the bulge.

While increasing a filter capacitor is Perfectly OK , you need to consider upstream diodes that charge that capacitor may be overwhelmed when asked to charge ten of them.. I would not bring this up for a 500uf or 700uf capacitor.. BTW you can increase the 450v withstanding voltage as high as you want..

What I mean tv is minimal cost design and the diode or whatever charges that capacitor may have a current one time overload that will be extended by ten and may overheat and burn up..

Then there is the 450v issue, That bump on the filter cap could be the result of the supply momentarily peaking over 450v and punching an insulation hole in that electrolytic capacitor causing a temporary high internal current that turns some of the electrolite to steam which bulges before the safety vent can release the excess pressure.

Can it? Yes.

Is it the right solution? All depends. Dumping the charge out of a 3300uF cap is a bit different than the smidgen that a 330uF holds. Can the circuit handle that excess if it is required to dump?

For testing the system, yes, most probably, but for continual use, it all depends on what the circuit is used for.