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Can teachers be sued/fired for this? Answered

Teachers at my school are somehow viewing students facebook profiles... weather its a fake account or heaven help me they can just view someones account by being a teacher.... Or it could be a snitch but I doubt it kids just don't do that in high school... I think its a total invsion of privacy. Can anything be done ?


Tell ya what... you call a lawyer and say that you want to sue your teacher for viewing publicly available information about you on the internet (that you posted there yourself), and see what they say.

Of course a lawyer taking the case doesn't prove it's legit either. They make money either way.

Good point. I should have specified a reputable, ethical lawyer.
I shall now step backwards to avoid the debate over the existance of such a creature.

It all depends. If they are illegally collecting login information that includes private passwords by methods other than monitoring their own equipment (you probably shouldn't be logging onto "secure" locations from a school computer), well then, I suppose one might have something of a case. For viewing publicly available content, no case.


8 years ago

if you don't have your facebook account set to private (only friends can see) then it's your own fault. 

You can sue anyone for anything. Whether you can win the suit is another question.

NEVER assume that anything you post on line is private. If you're worried about your teacher, your parents, your classmates, the person of the opposite sex you're hoping to impress, your future employer, or the police seeing it, KEEP IT OFF LINE.

Teachers are not allowed to have any outside contact with students other than school purposes so if they post a message on your facebook or on any students facebook it is against the rules. (i think thats the rules in the uk)

People with inappropriate Facebook profiles HAVE been fired however.

No.  I've helped my Head Teacher do it.

Some teachers will use their own memberships to check, other have fake pages just to check pupils' pages.

Some parents expect schools to sort out every problem in their child's life, whether it is anything to do with the school or not.

Cyber-bullying is a big issue, and a lot of it happens through social sites, and teachers are victims as well - even if a teacher has no account, they get talked about, or get pictures posted.

FaceBook is the bane of my life at the moment - the number of girls I have had to sort out after arguing on FB in the school holidays is ridiculous.

If you are bothered about your profile being seen, simply change your security settings so that only friends can see it.

If you post yourself and your life on the internet, you've compromised your privacy.
Looking at your profile is legal, what they do with the information is something else. When a teacher does something you don't like with this stuff post another question or ask your parents about seeking legal-advice.


Actually, no, not unless it was for an illegal purpose.  If you don't want to give away your info, don't get a facebook.  Or at least don't show it to people you don't want to see your info.


8 years ago

Sued or fired for what? Viewing a publicly posted web page is neither illegal or unethical. When you post anything on a public site, its PUBLIC.
As for your peers not snitching on you, don't place any bets on it, you'll most likely lose.

Prospective employers will check out fFB accounts of people they might hire.
Lawyers do the same if someone claims to have an injury and then post pics of themselves water skiing or playing football.
Beware what you put on the net .
It is NEVER private and can come back to haunt you.
That being said, It works both ways, You might want to check out the teachers account..

Nope.  ONce it's on the internet most anybody can see it.  Take this as a learning exercise.  Don't post anything that you wouldn't want your mother to see.

No.  If you want to keep secrets, then keep them rather than broadcasting to the world.

Well you're giving up your "right" to privacy by having a facebook account ! If you aren't happy for someone to see what you post, don't post it.