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Can the PDF be Reset? Answered

I just published my first Instructable. Actually I published it a couple weeks ago unfinished, and updated it as I went along. But I just got around to Downloading the PDF. And it is as the 'ible was when I first published it. Is there any way of updating it without unpublishing it, so I can stop looking like a newb?



The caching servers take a while to catch up, so sadly, there's no good way for you to do this. I've gone ahead and reset things on our end though, give it a try and see what you think.


Matt, see some of the comments below. There's no way that "a while" should be "months"!

A good design, I think, would be for an I'ble being published or revised to set a "trigger flag" that a new PDF should be generated 24 hours later. That way, if a user is going through a revision cycle, there won't be server CPUs "wasted" generating multiple PDFs in rapid succession.

I looked at both ibles (that I referred to below), and they are still showing the original published versions... (I'll look at them again tomorrow, in case the servers are still updating).

I can manually update until we get the code changed. You just need to send me the link to what needs to be updated.

That's okay... All my ibles have been updated at one time or another, so that's 17 of them.

I can wait until everything gets fixed.

You're right. I just talked to the dev team and they're going to look into it.

Turns out, pdfs don't get cached like the rest of the site, they get generated and stored as files. When you call one out to download, it generates that file. I think custom pdfs (when that's fixed) might work, but I'm not sure.

When you click save on a published instructable, the site is supposed to regenerate that pdf, and I don't think it's doing that now. That's what the dev are going to figure out how to get back going.

Thanks, Matt! I think you meant to say, "When you call one out to download, it sends that file."

Generating and storing the file once is exactly the right thing to do; doing it when the author saves/publishes is the safest way.


Very good point!

PDF's are NOT getting updated when we make changes to our Instructables.

I just looked at 2 of mine. One that I updated a few days ago, and one that I updated months ago, and when I went to download the PDF's, I can see that they are all "version 1.0" and do NOT reflect the changes made (days ago, or months ago)...

STAFF: Can we get this fixed please???

Fear not. You are not looking like a newb. (Just someone who noticed a bug). ;-)

Yeah, that's me "ArtisanEclectic: BugHunter" (in Big Movie trailer voice) =D