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Can the forward vertical tube on this paintball gun be removed? Answered

I am thinking of getting a Spyder MR1 to convert into one of these

Anyway, the issue is the forward vertical grip piece. I am pretty sure that it is just basically a square tube that the gas feed hose runs through. I really don't need it there because it would interfere with the design. No one has been able to tell me if it can be removed. Hence, my asking here. I think there is a screw on it, but I am not sure,

So, after all that background crap, my question is: can I remove this thing without messing it up? 



6 years ago

I have a few paintball guns, two without expansion chambers and one with, it's worth having one if you can deal with it. Another thing to consider is that the "forward grip", as you called it, also protects the air hose from damage. In my experience, running around the woods or field, dodging paintballs, etc., there is a lot of potential to damage that unprotected hose.

Ah, I should have been more clear. This gun will not be a paintball gun. I am converting it into an Airsoft sniper, and illustrated in the link above. The hose shown will be replaced with a shorter hose with a right-angle fitting, and it will be largely flush to the body of the gun, minimizing any exposure to damage. I agree, in paintball, expansion chambers are pretty useful. Thanks for your input!

yes, actually, i looked at the sniper after i commented, haha, sorry. Looks like a challenging project. Good luck and i'm sure you will have fun.

Well the sniper shown there was kind of hard because it was the prototype, and was made from a gun that was harder to convert. This gun, however, will be very simple.

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to. I'd look for an exploded diagram of the gun to is if there are any important components within.

Yeah. I found a diagram. It looks like there are two long bolts that hold the piece on. The hose just runs through it up to the gun body. Apparently it is built to house an expansion chamber or gas warmer if you want to add one. It looks really easy to remove.

You won't know until you get your hands on the gun. You may be able to undo some screws and it will come right off or it may be part of the casting of the main body. In which case you'll have to use a Dremal or other cutting tool to remove it. Either way you should be able to take it off.