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Can the male end of an iPod dock connector be adapted or spliced to take in plain 3.5mm audio input? Answered

I'm aware that this might not work on the technical level but I'm willing to try it.

I've got a car stereo that I've used for about 8 years and it works fine. It uses a proprietary cable (Alpine), kind of like this (http://ak.buy.com/PI/0/350/203086658.jpg). It plugs into my iPod that closes up in the glove compartment and then it allows me to select artists and change tracks through the knob / buttons on the face.

Since this stereo deck doesn't have any other inputs, I was wondering if I could build a cable to accept audio coming out of my cell phone or any other device. I know that the 30-pin iPod dock connector has various lines for power, data, audio, etc. and I was wondering if anyone has experience with this. Maybe I could split the wire in half or get an adaptor with a female iPod plug to a male 3.5mm adaptor. I've tried Googling these things but it's too hard to describe what I want in keywords.



Best Answer 5 years ago

I bought an adapter like this that had a female 30-pin Apple and a male 3.5mm. The car was a 2006. The cable did not work and I'm guessing it won't work for yours either because the stereo is doing more than just streaming the audio. It's trying to interface with the iPod to get information, charge, and control the playback. When it doesn't get this info it doesn't work.
There may be a way to fool the stereo but that would be specific to your stereo unit. If you don't mind possibly blowing a few bucks you can either buy the cable you need off of amazon or eBay or you can look up the 30-pin iPod cable pin-out and hook a female plug to a male 3.5mm.
Try searching for something like "Alpine iPod input as aux-in"


5 years ago

It would be a lot easier just to get an FM plug in broadcaster and let it send the signal from whatever the music source you want to an FM radio station on your radio. I use one all the time and they work great.

You can splice the connector open if you want but you'll need to look up the pinout of the 30 pin connector and see what wire does what and see which ones are actually used by the stereo.