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Can the tubing in roller coaster sets be converted for k'nex gun use? Answered

I know I have not asked questions like this for a while.... but I  just wondered if any of you guys can figure this one out for me.I've had this on my mind for quite some time now. I've always wondered of the advantages and possibilities of using the roller coaster tubing from k'nex sets for different purposes. Imagine what k'nex guns in the future would have.The tubing has many different uses, such as:comfy grips for handles,new/advanced tactical rail systems,tranquilizer darts for k'nex crossbows/shotbows,gun/body designs and many other things.Unfortunately, I don't have any k'nex sets nor do I own any tubing. Frankly I can't carry out these ideas, someone else will have to do it. If they want to make these ideas exist. whoever does make instructions, I would be more than happy to give credit. I'm just giving ideas for the plausible uses of roller coaster tubing, that's all. I WILL NOT TOLERATE CRITISIZM OF ANY KIND TOWARDS COMMUNITY QUESTIONS THAT I POST.I DON'T CARE IF IT'S POSITIVE OR NEGETIVE,WHETHER IT IS DIRECTED AT ME OR MY QUESTIONS.IF I SEE ANY OF THIS GARBAGE I WILL START DELETING COMMENTS.YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!


This would make a good community forum topic - it's not so much of a question that we can provide an answer to. (click Community ^^^ up there)

Where in the community section? You tel me where to go and I'll think about it.

I know where the "Community" is.So, I will ask YOU one more time. What category?

With all due respect; that which is not looked for is seldom found. The "knex" section might fit...

Fair enough,you've earned your stripes.But THIS is a community question,NOT a forum topic. Two completely different things mate.

I won't fight with you; this is the answers section. The forum on instructables just happens to be named 'community'.