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Can u use water for gas? Some kind of a gadget? makes it possible to run your car w/water? Answered


you can mix gas with water to add volume sometimes gas stations do that its bad for the car and does not make it go longer distance on the same amount of gas

Yes, this stupidity has ruined an engine or two that I have had to work on in the shop....

The various "car runs on water" videos and websites you see are scams.

However, if you electrolyse the water to split it into hydrogen and oxygen, you can run the car on the hydrogen, either burning it in a heavily-modified internal combustion engine, burning it to heat a stirling engine to generate electricity, or running it through a hydrogen cell to generate electricity.

Note that using electrolysis to get hydrogen is not quite "running your car" on water. The amount of energy you get from burning the hydrogen and oxygen is less than the energy it took to split the water. It is better to think of this as energy storage. (To my knowledge, none of these systems is even a good storage mechanism for most applications.)

Actually, I don't believe you need any modifications to the engine, at least for a hydrogen/gasoline hybrid.

Beyond some sort of injector, no. I meant, though, for an IC engine running entirely on hydrogen (I should have made that clearer, sorry).

if you put pontoons under it an attach paddles to the wheels you could run on water all day

You can use it to make Hydrogen and Oxygen gas... But that's probably not what you meant.

Water is not combustible, so... no.