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Can wd40 be used to lubricate PVC? If not, what can be used? Answered

I heard somewhere that WD40 would damage or corrode PVC, and wanted to know if this was true. If it is, does anyone know what could be used to lubricate PVC.


What is it you're doing with it? Olive oil could be an answer, or silicone lubricant, which comes in plenty of grades and it's even food safe if you buy the right one, plus the big spray cans of it are great.


7 years ago

While I try to figure out why you need to lubricate PVC, I will suggest that regular petroleum jelly (Vaseline) will work without adversely affecting the plastic as many other petroleum based lubricants might.

Powdered graphite, if the mess is not an issue.

Dunno, tends to bind to the surfaces and not mess up too bad - could be THE solution to this undefined problem.

WD40 is a water dispersant - It is a poor lubricant as the solvent evaporates and leave behind a gloopy sticky mass that does exactly the opposite to lubrication.

What for ? Washing up liquid works well under some circumstances.