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Can we make Electromagnet with using DC supply ? Answered

I only heard about Electromagnets using AC supply....My question is can we make electromagnets using DC sources ? for example using 1.5 V battery or 6 V battery ? Answer in Only 'Yes' or 'No' could be sufficient for me ! :) Thank you ! :)



5 years ago

The answer is simply YES!

But it will be comparatively weaker.


5 years ago

I am so tempted to say no because everybody else said yes. But that would be untrue so I can't say it.

I think the answer could be no, depending on the antecedent o the pronoun "we" in this question, specifically in cases where some or all of the persons included in this "we" are  completely clueless about electricity, and thus unable to make an electromagnet due to lack of skill, inability to connect wires together, that sort of thing.

Supposing "we" means my cat and I.  I think I could build an electromagnet, but the same task would be something beyond the skills of my cat. 

Could I truthfully say my cat and I made an electromagnet?  What was my cat's contribution to this process? 

Or what if one of the persons included in "we" is totally fictional? Suppose the tooth fairy and I made an electromagnet.  Could a statement like that possibly be true, given that the tooth fairy is not a real person?

Anyhow, this is how I think the answer to this question could possibly be "no" in some cases.

I will of course concede it is possible to drive either alternating current, or direct current through a solenoid, and that the resulting magnetic field inside the solenoid would be a AC field or an DC magnetic field respectively.

But I think that's kinda what you were saying.



5 years ago

 <h1> Y E S </h1>

How are you going to decide who gets the best answer ?

Yes. But it will be very weak at only 6V.