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Can we make an Arduino based ebook reader? Answered

E-reader is convenient. Pay for an E - reader is consider paying for thousands books. But not any body can afford a kindle or kobo, and geeks won't satisfy with them. So, I want to make an Arduino based ebook reader myself. The parts must be the cheapest (such as Arduino Nano...) or the recycled. Can anyone help me.
(My English is well, so forgive me if you find any mistake)



Yah, I know, but in my country Arduino costs much cheaper (the Nano cost only 2 $)

An Arduino alone costs about £50, and Kindles start at £59.

Once you add the cost of cables, screen, enclosure etc, the Kindle makes much more sense.

Nope. Arduino can't handle the processing needed. Beleive it or not it's cheaper to buy an e-reader than it would be to make your own.