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Can we redraw these circles in the remote control circuit board? Answered

Dear Experts, Attached picture is of the Philips home theatre remote control. It actually has 12 buttons but only 8.5 of them are visible clearly on the circuit board. The last row is totally invisible and those buttons doesn't work as well. Can you please help me with some tips to get it fixed. This remote control is not available in the market anywhere and hence this attempt.


There is also Bare Conductive Paint.
If you Google Conductive paint there is even a couple recpyes to make your own on line.

Not sure where you are in the world. You could try a Circuit Writer conductive trace pen. It might work, at least for a while. If it works at the start, you could cover the "pen" traces with solder for a much more permanent solution. Look for this in a store near you or online.


Just get a programmable universal remote. You won't be able to rebuild the carbon contacts for that lost row of buttons or the damaged second row. Though you could solder in some actual push buttons to the copper traces. But a new universal remote would be your best option here.