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Can we silkscreen acrylic? Will it last? Answered

The slikscreen will be on the top of the robot, it is just the carapace. When I talk about acrylic I mean like lexan, plexiglass, etc. I just want to silkscreen for esthetic purpose. It will be on a robot that is indoor. No rubbing, no physical contact. Thanks



5 years ago

I'm also interested in this. Have you every figured out how to do this?

I use stickers instead of paint. It's a robot kit and the kids can put the sticker on like they want. It's more customizable and beautiful. This is the kit https://solarbotics.com/product/k_jb/

Use a stencil with spray paint, it will work wonderfully.

Not sure what you mean by "silk-screen" on acrylic, but if your goal is to mask off an area and apply paint to acrylic, you might take a look at Rust-o-leum's new line of "Universal" spray paints. It's marketing claims it is suitable for virtually every surface, including plastics. On the other hand, the suggestion to stop by an automotive supply shop is also very good.

There's no reason you can't silkscreen it. The only important thing is to select a paint that will stick to the acrylic and NOT react with it. Acrylic art paints would be my first guess, but I really don't know for sure. Unfortunatly, this is not my thing and I can't give you a brandname off the top of my head. Here's my thoughts: 1. People have had success using "rust paint" such as Rustoleum or Corrostop on outdoor plastic furniture. The first step for this is to wash the surface to be painted with a solution of TSP (also found at your paint store) and water. Then paint as normal. The nice thing about this solution is, if you don't have the materials to make a silkscreen, you can always make a stencil and use spraypaint! Unfortunatly "rust paint" is oil paint, and it may not be perfectly compatable. Best to test it on your material first. 2. Water-based acrylic art paints seem like the logical solution and it looks like that's what most people on the web suggest.

Oh, I meant to mention that you should head down to your nearest automotive paints dealer and ask about plastic primers. They may be able to help you selecting a paint and a primer for best results (or they may not know anything).