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Can we use Electromagnetic waves to produce current. Like a cellphone starts charging when it recieves a call? Answered

Its just an idea that struck me when i my cell phone's battery was dead due to a power cut. Can it be made possible. KINDLY DON"T PASS FUNNY REMARKS.


YOU CAN! but not through long distances unless you want to look like a hotdog that was stuck in a microwave....what you do is whats called magnetic induction...im sure if you looked up in the "search" bar at the top right of the screen there are alot of instructables on it but it only works if the coils are close to each other.....(like 1 mm) this is similar to the way a toothbrush charges.....but the short answer is NO

Like jeff-o says, there is not enough power in the incoming signal to actually power your phone. However, the principle is valid. Two examples of devices that are powered by the received RF signal: "crystal" AM radios, RFID chips. The drawback to this approach, i.e. using only the RF power you can squeeze out of the air, is that you don't have a lot of power to work with. Thus the crystal radio has a huge antenna, yet you can barely hear it, and with the RFID chip you only have a range of a few meters, the range at which the chip's weak reply signal can be heard.


9 years ago

There isn't enough EM being transmitted to charge your phone - if there was, we'd all be running around with microwaved brains.