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Can we use a Laser as a wireless conductor of electricity? Answered

Wireless energy transfer question.

Please note: I added a 2nd question here
( the emphasis now is if Microwaves can transmit energy as a 2nd option to replace copper cables in energy distribution):



I think with a big enough laser you can ionise a channel in the air though can't you KelseyMH !

You can, but you won't get a current flow that would be usable in circuitry. You're talking about making a plasma channel, which is pretty unstable in an unconfined volume.

...we call it lightning.... :-)) I wasn't thinking of actually USING it, just a cool way of inducing a path. Steve

Ah, "lightning" is what it's called on your planet. Very interesting... ;-D You're quite right, of course.

Power/energy yes, electricity no. Lasers are electromagnetic radiation. You can use something like a photovoltaic cell to convert EM to electric current.

I know you can use a laser paired with a solar cell to transmit a signal, if that's what you mean. It won't be a "conductor of electricity" but it acts as a continuation of the circuit. As the current flow changes in the powering circuit of the laser, the laser's output changes. Here is a good example of this. Leave it to KipKay to have the answer