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Can you Record Directly to ipod from camcorder, camera, etc ?? Answered

hello everyone i was wondering is it possible to record direct from ipod to a camera or a camcorder. I have seen the 100 dollar devices buy thats really expensive and kind of stupid when it probably only has to do with 3 wires. so if there is anyway please tell me if not tell me. More importantly if there is a way MAKE AN INSCRUTABLE ON IT!!!! i havent seen one anywhere on how to do this, metacafe, youtube, google,and rotteneggs From Homepie64


No, it is not possible. Ipods are one of the only mp3 players that don't have the ability to record audio. And none of them have the ability to record video. However, if you knew a little bit about programming, you could take another popular mp3 player and record video to the right speaker, and audio to the left speaker. However, that would liken towards mono outputs. You'd have to create a program that would decode it and turn it back into video.

actually that's a great idea! Someone made a mic for the ipod touch, so if you hook up audio output to the yellow (video) cable then it'll output it as a video! May not be the best of quality, but hey.


that's the website of the people (or person) who made the ipod microphone. I'd imagine you can just take out the microphone elecment and replace it with the incoming signal from the camcorder and save it using the homebrew sound recording program, and just play the audio back, but instead of hooking it up to speakers you hook it up to a tv.

It'd only work with a touch, and do it at your own risk

Again, this will not work. Even if it is analog video, the mp3 compression would probably destort the signal so much that its barely usable. Mp3 can compress audio to about a tenth of its size. This is done by different methods, such as removing parts that will not be heard by people anyway due to similar louder parts for example. Also most devices use variable bitrate these days, compressing silent or mute parts more. What works great with music and can only be heard with good speakers and trained ears will not work with video. Video through speakers would produce buzzing, sizzles, high tunes and such, the mp3 algorythm would smoothen, remove and cancel most of it. Think of it as packing a suitcase. You can cramp your socks inbetween, fold your shirt once more so it fits in better, and just stuff your old sweater in there so the case barely closes. Now if you had to pack dishes in there, you could cramp them inthere too, break them in half, and it would all fit in there- but if you take it out again its ready for the dumpster. Since the ipod-video-gadget costs arround 200 bucks, a alternative would be to get a device made for videorecording, my bet is that dealextreme probably has smething cheap.

even if it recordes it in a wav file, arn't those uncompressed? Otherwise I guess your right

wait a tic what if you had an a/d converter so you just get pulses of noise, then convert it back?

The problem is the massive ammount of data a videostream contains. Lets take a modem, basicly all it does is to send pulses as "noise". On a phoneline you can get less then 60 kilobit / 7.5 kbyte per second across. Even if you could achieve ten times as much the videostream requires much more. Even with MPEG, MPEG2, DivX, h.264 and such it takes quite a while for full sized video to load over much faster DSL connections.

Yes, wav would be usualy uncompressed PCM (at least if its not used as containerformat for some compression algorythm).

Even so I think there might be a problem with "only" 44KHz/16Bit, which is .

Take the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PXL-2000 Kid-Camcorder for example. It used regular MC tapes at 4x speed (more data in shorter timespan) to record relativly poor video. Surely tapes have worse quality but you get the idea of the huge datastream of videos.

44KHz/16 Bit Stereo as used on CDs and usualy uncompressed WAV-Recordings take about 10 MB for a single minute.

Now lets take some video in NTSC resolution:
720 x 480, 30 frames/second, 16 bit color depth... that should be about 20 MB for a single second of uncompressed Video! Now try to cramp that intoless then 200kb/second of the WAV recording...
Also I am pretty sure the input has a limit of Hz-Input, maybee 80-20.000 Hz or something, which results in further signal loss of the video)

Nope, I am affraid theres no way arround of it; It needs to be converted in a additional device, and then saved as videofile on the ipods drive.

Sorry if I seem like a grumpy old geek :-)
Of course I'dd like to see what really happens if you record analog video as wav/mp3, but Im just trying to applicate the little knowledge I have ;-)

Padlock, that would not work right since the device would record an analog source and furthermore compresses it with loss ;-) @Homepie64: Its allways the red wire.

if you then uncompress it, and convert it back to digital you can then succesfully achieve this. But as I said- It requires custom programming.

But the problem is that MP3 is not a lossless compression. This way you could store modem-like signals at most, which have very low bandwidth. If you store it digitaly, it will be jubberish after the compression loss; Also if you would try to store an analog video signal since the mp3 compression cuts off stuff thats not audible, but this algorythm would not work with video.

maybee we should make a collaboration on it the 3 of us

Hehe, "how to not store video on the ipod by not using three simple wires?"

maybee we should make a collaboration on it

I strongly doubt that it requires more then three wires ;-) I think it does the whole conversion and contains the whole encoding chipset and software, thats why it is so expensive.