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Can you bake pieces of paper inside of baked goods? Answered

I was asked to a girl's choice dance today, and while thinking about ways to reply, I had the idea of baking a note into a cake, forcing my date to dissect the cake before she could get my response.  I'm curious as to whether or not the message would hold up to baking, if I should go with cookies instead, or drop the idea altogether.  Thanks for the help!


How do you think they do fortune cookies. The paper goes into the 'cookie' before they fry it up.

Print it on parchment paper so it will survive the cooking and it should be fine. Don't use a water soluble ink. Just don't eat the cake/cookie/whatever just to be safe.

The fortune cookies I've made you put the message in them after you fried them before they cooled down.

Wow! A note baked inside of a cupcake. That is very sweet of you. Erm..., if you'll forgive the pun.