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Can you build a stable tent out of blankets or other household items, and if so how? Answered


Out of blankets? Yes, but not really wise. They're bulky and almost never water-resistant.

Tarpaulins make good tents and a simple "pup" tent is mentioned here on this site. If you have trees or bamboo, then you really only require some rope/twine. If you have neither, you'll need a pole or two which could be your ski or hiking pole.

There are tent enthusiasts who endevor to improve the design. http://www.tarptent.com/projects/tarpdesign.html

Oh ya i probably meant to put tarp instead of blankets but idk because i have a real bad memory. I dont even remember posting this question... Well anyway thanks for the answer.

Hahaha.. I actually only corrected it because a friend of mine calls tarps "rain blankets." I guess it's not that inaccurate, but I thought I'd make it clear what I meant.

I've seen really comfortable tents made using blankets (for insulation), covered with tarps (for weather resistance) based on a sweat lodge. A basic frame is made from flexible branches (willow works great), which are stuck into the ground for extra stability, then the whole thing is covered to your liking with whatever you like. I think they are well worth the effort of building... The pic shows what the frame should/ could look like, and the other is a finished sweat lodge...