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Can you cheat the voting system? If so, here's my solution to fix it. Answered

I'm still scared to post an instructable that won't be recognized as a good one ever since I posted my first instructable. I then removed it because I didn't get into a contest, and didn't have many friends(as I will explain next).

I was scared and still am because the contests so far seem to be rigged. I feel like this because of the way the Instructables' voting system works. So let's say we create an instructable and don't care how crappy it is. Now, let's assume we are extremely popular on social media, and ask all our followers to vote for us on our instructable...See where I am going with this?

All we have to do is make our friends hit "Vote", and your friends don't care if your 'ible is good; they love you so they will vote for you. Thus cheating your way through the system.

I swear this happens for every contest. There has to be a better way to determine the winner from the moment the author posts his/her instructible. This cheating wouldn't make it fair for many of us, and especially not for me(I don't have that many friends) :(

If this cheating method works, then isn't voting similar to a "whoever has the most friends" contest?

My suggestion:

  1. I understand that voting helps separate the weak from the professional Instructables, but I feel like a better way would be to require those already entered in other contests to vote for a contest they are not entered in. Thus, the biased friends wouldn't affect the polls.
    1. For example, say Lily entered the Flower-shop contest. In order for Lily to enter the flower contest, she must vote for at least 2-3 people in another contest (except the flower-shop contest, obviously).
  2. Make the Instructables list randomize everytime you refresh the screen on every contest website here on instructables.com This way everyone will have a chance to be seen throughout the months of voting.

I feel like these suggestions could be adjusted with your comments. Thank you for reading.


Interesting thoughts - you bring up a good point. Not only in Instructable contests, but overall. If you have many followers or you are well known you have an overall advantage over others.

Having said that, most Instructable contests are actually decided on by the staff (or more accurately, the judges). Your idea of how to solve the problem is very well thought out, though. I think it is a great idea to "pay to enter" - that is, to vote in order to enter a contest of your own.

Yeah, I'd agree with that too, people with more followers are prone to getting more votes because of their great reputation.
On another note, I think forcing people who want to enter a contest who must vote for someone in an other contest seems to ruin the spirit of instructables. Instructables is open for everybody, so everyone has the right to vote.

Less than half of the winners are decided by votes, and I think if there's an Instructable that received a ton of votes but isn't that good, it might only end up as a runner-up.

So why did you remove your Instructable?

Winning is only peripherally influenced by votes - the judging is done by Instructables staff and the sponsors of the various prizes.


5 months ago

Hi! I think the voting system is more about letting Instructables members show their support to some work. But I am not sure that the ones that have the most votes are selected to be finalists. I think it is just a help for the staff and sponsor members to select the finalists (because sometimes there are a lot of entries, so it is a great help), like "hey look, many people voted for this article, should we select it as a finalist?", then they have the last word (you can have a look at this: https://www.instructables.com/topics/Contest-FAQ-Frequently-Asked-Questions/).

For the first instructables I have published I asked my friends on facebook to vote for me. But I never won a contest.
Then I tried to make better pictures, better explanations, and write about projects I really like, and now it works way better.

To conclude, focus on making a great instructable, about something you really want to share. If it is the best project in the world, you'll probably have a lot of views, favorite and votes; but if no one reads it, favorites it and votes for it, I am sure the sponsor and staff will find it and place you with the finalists!