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Can you connect low rated high voltage diodes so they = to the high voltage power supply? Answered

If you have a high voltage diode that is rated to low for your power supply, can you conect several of them to mach your power supply. For example take 5 5kv diodes and connect them to make a 25kv diode.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Yes. If you place two or more diodes in series, their peak inverse voltage (PIV) voltage will sum. For instance, when Fender was still using center-tapped power transformers for the Twin Reverb, they used three 1N4007 in series for each side of the rectifier (total of six.)

Ideally, a 0.01 or 0.02 capacitor (rated to the PIV or better--5K or more for you) should be connected in parallel with each diode. These "snubbers" will help reduce any voltage spikes due to diode switching noise.

The total PIV rating should be 2.8 (twice X squareRt of 2) the input RMS voltage.

For a simple rectifier, probably yes.