Can you cut custom Stencils? Answered


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I hope this is the right area for my question!

Is there a member on here who has a printer that can cut stencils?  Or...laser thing?  :)  I'd like to buy or barter for some stencils because the ones in the stores are so ugly LOL.  :)  And we can team up on a project idea that I have , if you would like!  Thanks in advance!  



You need to find someone with the cameo, cricut or similar machine.  They are similar to inkjet printer mechanisms with an xacto knife as the printhead so it will cut or score thin stencil material.    You are limited to the onboard designs unless you purchase the expensive custom design software for that machine.  Cutting the stencils manually or using a laser cutter are alternatives. Good luck.

Those machines are evil.Anyone with a vinyl plotter/cutter could cut stencils for you. Know any airbrush artists, kristylynn84?

Barring that, Airsick is a good company that you can order custom cuts from, their prices are good and their products are high quality. Rave reviews all around. Check out their website, if they don't have what you need, contact them, because they do custom orders. You'd need to provide the artwork though, I believe.

There's also an endless supply of stencils available, whatever you're looking for is "probably" already out there, somewhere. If you search for tattoo flash, mylar stencil, vinyl stencil, body art stencil, etc.

Oh, just noticed the bake shop under your name...I almost forgot about cake and food safe stencils.

G'luck and cheers.

i just checked out that site, they have amazing stencils! but i would need a thicker, washable plastic and the design would be 2-3" :( lol.

I know there are thicker sheets, not entirely sure if they can do a custom order with them, you'd have to contact them...if you're still looking. They're pretty resistant stencils, designed to be cleaned with harsh chemicals when/if required, so soap wouldn't be a problem.

you inspired me to try it out with my cricut cake machine LOL. that failed miserably. the food-safe plastic lifted and bunched up, omg it was horrifying to watch. so saaad!! and then i looked into a regular cricut but, apparently, they don't fully cut through thin plastic. grrrr

You mean a laser cutter.

Where in the world are you?

are you referring to my geographical location? - California. :)

California's a big place, but it has Instructables HQ in it (SF), and they have laser cutters.

But, mainly, it's so folk can decide whether they can help easily.

I'll put in a plug for my wife's shop, Laser It All:
If you're not local to Toledo, I'm sure she'd be happy to mail them to you. :)