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Can you do visual effects in batch programming? Answered

I am trying to do some visual effects in batch files. I don't know how to do them. Can someone help me Please?


You've searched the entire site and found nothing? L

Yep! Nothing on this site or on google

(disappearing comment - I answered this yesterday, but here we go again...) Batch files have their limitations, batch isn't not a programming language. At some point you'll have to stop asking "how do I do this with a batch?" and just ask "how do I do this?" VBS? L

You're asking the questions (in a public place), realise that some things can't be done with batch files and look for better solutions. L

Actually though there can be whole movies in text art. If you have telnet enabled on your windows computer, open the CMD and type


By the way each line is a command, so type "telnet", then hit enter, etc.
This will stream in star wars in ASCII.

Yeah, but when I type | pipe in batch:

echo |

It comes up with an error

Yeah, you have to insert a ^ before you do that, or else it thinks you're doing something else which you're not...

What exactly do you mean by visual effects? There are many ways to change text, the window itself, etcetera, you just have to be more specific.

I mean that I want to create a theme like the windows xp boot screen...

oh... uh. that's pretty much impossible. You can't display images in cmd. However, you could create a batch script that edits an html file, and have the user interface through that.

Sorry, I didn't mean like that, I mean like the random numbers effect, only different. I meant some sort of thing in ASCII art or something like that...

Not bad... I didn't know your name was Jack.