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Can you drill dowels on an angle into 2x4's to use as shoe rack? Answered

I have a 30" wide wall area  in my closet. I've been searching for weeks to find the right racks/shelves to use as heels/shoe/cowgirl boot storage. I'd Like to nail finished wood (2x4's?) tho the whole wall after drilling/gluing different diameter/length dowels into them but not sure the (less than) 2" will be deep enough to hold some weight and how do determine which degree angles will work best. I'm an amateur but have every tool needed, so I'm game for all suggestions! Thanks



8 years ago

1) Yes, it will work, and with hardwood pegs/dowell, it will be plenty strong enough.

2) I recommend making an angled support to rest the base wood on such that a drill press can make a lot of holes all at the same angle.  About 10-20 degrees should work just fine.

Harder wood is stronger wood.  It's not too expensive...


8 years ago

You want racks of pegs to hand footwear from?
Your angle only needs to be enough to stop the shoes from falling off, 15o should do it I think.
If the holes are neatly drilled, and you secure with good glue I reckon 1"x2" section would hold.