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Can you dye fabric with wood stain? Answered

I'm just curious, i know it will stain it pretty much permanently (my pants found that out the hard way). but is it a way to acctually dye things? how well would it wash? anyone know?


I would stick with actual cloth dyes. Isn't there some pretty nasty stuff in wood stains?

yeah, i was just curious as to what other peoples opiunions were, i did end up going with just plain RIT dye, ans it worked fine. i just have a bunch of wood stain laying around and wondered. Cause ive heard of people using stuff like motor oil to dye clothes, so why not?


6 years ago

Anything that permanently stains fabric will dye it. The problems are however; will it damage the fabric or lessen its useful life, will it irritate your skin, will it bleed onto other clothes during washing, does it contain toxic chemicals, how long before it fades out? And there are probably other things I haven't thought of.
Why not just buy regular fabric dye, its cheap, comes in a multitude of colors, has been tested for safety, its easy to use and its really cheap.

As you figured out, it will stain your clothes... The problem is the chemicals that are used in making wood stains, are exactly the kind of things you want next to bare skin, and that's one of the reasons you should wear gloves.

You're better off using traditional or natural dyes.