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Can you fix a laptop with a 64-bit OP after a force shutdown without the Windows 7 installation disk? Answered

My laptop is a VPCEE3WFX  Sony vaio that I have abused with a few force shutdowns. Now it won't show the password enter box. I looked at a few forums and they suggested that the only way to fix this is to insert the installation disk and boost it up. The problem is that I don't have the disk.Is there any way to do it without the disk?



7 years ago

The problem might not be from your shutdowns but from a virus or malware infection. There have been a lot of those going around. Why did you force the shutdown? Was the system locked up? That could be where the real problem is. One thing that you should do first before you try and fix the OS is pull the drive out and using an external connector (Like a usb dock) scan it using another PC for viruses, maleware and do a disk check. If the drive comes up clean then proceed with trying to fix the other problem. If it is infected and you try to fix the OS before the virus is cleaned out it will just keep going down hill and you might have to do a format and reinstall.
Next, the new drives cache data before they write it to the actual platter. This has sped up their performance a lot but it can cause data losses and corrupt files if the drive loses power before it gets a chance to write the data into permanent storage. You might have corrupted one of the files if you did not give the drive a chance to finish writing before you powered it off. The way to fix that is to do a windows repair.

make a boot disk from another PC then boot from that (if your lucky)

Try starting in safe mode.