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Can you freeze dry food at home? Answered

I would like to know how to freeze dry food.

Could some create an Instructable How-To,...

Can someone build a machine that freeze dry food?

There are essentially three categories of freeze-dryers: the manifold freeze-dryer, the rotary freeze-dryer and the tray style freeze-dryer. Two components are common to all types of freeze-dryers: a vacuum pump to reduce the ambient gas pressure in a vessel containing the substance to be dried and a condenser to remove the moisture by condensation on a surface cooled to -40 to -80 C (-40 to -112 F). The manifold, rotary and tray type freeze-dryers differ in the method by which the dried substance is interfaced with a condenser. In manifold freeze-dryers a short usually circular tube is used to connect multiple containers with the dried product to a condenser. The rotary and tray freeze-dryers have a single large reservoir for the dried substance.

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reverse engineer a pressure cookers heating elements to be able to freeze foods and change the pumps polarity and test it out


Could you explain more about your pressure cooker idea?

A pressure cooker makes a fine pressure vessel to contain the vacuum . You'll need to get a compressor out of an old refrigerator to make the pump.

That's a pretty good summary. Some substantial engineering in it though. I suppose you could do it inside a big old pressure cooker.