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Can you get a concussion from this? Answered

I'm on the wrestling team and today I got dropped straight down on the top of my head. (it was the kind of impact that makes the whole crowd go OOHHHH!!!!!) I was dizzy and disoriented for ~ 10-15 seconds and had a headache for ~ 1 hour. It seems to me like the brain stem would stop the brain from impacting the top of the head but I might be wrong.


Brain damage from repetitive concussions accumulates- as in all the "micro" concussions footballers suffer every time they "head" the ball eventually leads to the same amount of brain damage as a severe auto crash would cause.

You got a concussion and need to be followed up- the consequences of brain damage can be quite devastating.

I think that yer genetic heritage comes into this too ,  I have had th' cartilage of my nose crushed ,  I've had a pool cue splintered across th' side of my head and when I got to my feet after th' last time I crashed a motorcycle  my helmet came off in three pieces !  I've been spanked across my skull with an 18" cast iron skillet by a pissed off Chippawa women three times before I could get it away from her !

I've never had any problems (other than tryin' to breath thru a collapsed nose" from any of these ! 

My ancestors were Scots ,  Irish and Cherokee and there are some who will tell you that mix results in havin' nothin' to damage up there !

I know that I inherited one thick , hard skull and a lot of luck !


8 years ago

Yes you certainly can. The brain is a 3 1/2 pound gelatinous like mass and it can slosh around and slam into your skull if your head is struck with sufficient force. Being dropped on your head from any distance would probably be forceful enough to cause that sloshing effect.
If your headache continues, or your vision seems affected in one or both eyes, if you any suffer nausea, have problems with balance, your hearing is affected or you just don't feel right, get to a doctor ASAP. Concussions can be crippling or lethal if bleeding is occurring in your brain.


Wrestlers and wrestling coaches are notorious for underplaying possible concussions and not seeking medical assessment/treatment if one is suspected.  The same is true of many sports as paganwonder said.

No part of the nervous system can prevent a concussion.  The inside of your skull is very rough and actually a bit pointy.  Bruising/bleeding is very, very easy, and as paganwonder said, multiple concussions is very very bad.  You need to get it checked out and see if you've sustained a concussion and what your rest time should be.  Don't just jump back in and continue damaging your brain.  If it's nothing, then you've wasted an hour or two of your life, but if it is something, then you might have taken a step in preventing long-term irreversible brain injury.

Good to hear you're taking care of yourself and double good to hear you are well!

Yeah, I got hit at high impact smack dab in my forehead and got a major concussion. And no the spinal cord is just as fragile and gelatinous as the cerebrum.

Get this right ANY heavy bang to the head can give you concussion, any attitude, and any point.

Burf is absolutely, totally right. GET CHECKED OUT. A bleeder in the brain and you can be dead in minutes.

As far as I know wrestling, dropping people on their heads like this shouldn't be done. It may well have been an illegal move, follow up on this to be sure.



8 years ago

Absolutely agree with Burf. The possible effects of this can progress silently and dangerously.

'If you don't feel right'- well put. Just keep a good monitor on yourself for a good few days.

Frankly a check-up with the doctor would not be an overreaction.