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Can you give me some ideas to make a great project on something in embedded systems ? Answered

I need to make a final year(of bachelors degree) project on embedded systems. I have knowledge about robots and various software languages. Please give me some ideas or hint or something you know that can help


I answered this question a while back by suggesting that the embedded systems student build a system to allow people to echolocate easily.

My idea is a bit more sophisticated (and I hope more useful) than the only human echolocator Instructable currently posted, but I would suggest that you make your project equally stylish.

So you're looking for something to do as a school project? I don't think I have any truly original ideas, but I'll fire off a couple that I'd like to see. 1. A hybrid of a traditional + digital whiteboard, corkboard and information center. I use a combination of a traditional white board, a cork board, and my notebook computer to organize my life... but an all-in one specialized system would make the job easier and tidier. 2. Take the concept of a "carputer" a few steps further than usual. Normally, it's an entertianment system with a few "work" functions like GPS. How about if you add equipment and software to get statistics on the car's efficiency, log maintenance and remind you of appointments, lock and unlock doors by SMS, etc?


9 years ago

the HD clocks are pretty cool. what if you made like a twittering house alarm? have a twitter message send anytime a door is opened/closed or an alarm goes off...