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Can you grow plant cuttings in clay balls? Answered

I'm going to be taking some cuttings from orange trees and veggies. Will I be able to put them straight into expanded clay pellets, or do I need to start with something like potting soil? Thanks!


Hydroponics!!! YAY I love hydroponics, just did a science fair on the Aeroponic method.
Umm.... I would start them out in rockwool cubes then put the cubes in the pellets in the mesh baskets/other container

You should wrap it in some potting soil then into soft clay, then plant and wait rain, but soft clay is better, i have tried it before, but 50% success only!

well i would recommend (if you trying to take cuttings from a plant and make a new plant) to take the hypocotyl of the plant and place it in shoot growth medium which has a mixture of auxins and cytokinins. this will caue the hypocotyl to begin to replicate cells and in a couple weeks you will have a callus- or loose clump of cells. transfer this to root growth medium which has a different ratio of auxin and cytokinins. it will begin growing roots. by the way you should probably do all of this in a clean room. now after a couple more weeks when it has roots you need to acclimate it so that it can grow a waxy cuticle so gradually move it out of the clean room and into more and more sunlight and then outside. ok now you can plant it as if it were any other plant. and by the way you've just successfully cloned a plant.