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Can you help me find an affordable downstream video keying system? Answered

I have an old Panasonic video switcher which only has a text based graphics system, much like what you would find on some of the digital camcorders.  I am wondering if there is a software or hardware solution that isn't overly expensive (say under roughly $500) that can display graphics such as targa or photoshop files with an alpha layer to display over the video.  This would have to be completely downstream of my board, and not run through it. 


(I'm assuming from a previous question, you need this for a Mac versus a PC?)

If so, have you looked into Final Cut Pro X? (10.0.3) It should have everything you need ($299 US), and there is also Motion 5 and Compressor 4 (that take your FCPX to the next level).

If you need something for a PC, then the Tricaster may be an option, ONLY if you can get one used. They are extremely expensive (but worth the price). It's a combination of hardware and software in a nice neat package. For multi-cameras, you'll pay dearly, but the entry level version is a good option for the pro and novice alike. 

I use final cut on a daily basis... and that's post-production. I'm looking for something that can do it live instead. Tricaster would fulfill that need, but it would essentially replace what I have. They also generally run a lot more than $500, even used. Instead of an entire switching system, I'm trying to isolate the DSK specifically (via Deko or whatnot). And actually, I would probably prefer a PC solution, I only use Macs at work.

VIDBlaster PRO is the only other option (that I'm aware of). There is a home version (that's cheaper), but you can't do a live stream with that option, so Pro would be the way to go. They have a 30 day trial and the purchase price is under $500 (depending on where you live).

There used to be PC-based solutions. I haven't looked at that question in aeons, though.