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Can you help me identify an old film reel? Answered

I recently came into posession of an old 8mm Kodak Brownie, which has about 28 feet of film shot on reversal film.  Various clues of stuff in the camera box believe me to think it would have been used in 1959 or 1960.  I went ahead and used the other 23 feet of film, and am in the process of trying to find a place to develop it.  One such place told me to look at the end of the reel for something to help identify it.  I came up with KMA 0-683073503 dot-matrix stenciled into the last few inches of film.  Anyone out there know what this actually means?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Well I know that Kodak made a Kodachrome KMA super 8mm film. I would presume that is what you have. I would try to contact the Kodak company and see if they can provide you with any information.

Based on the time frame, I suspected it could be kodachrome... do you know what KMA stands for?

. A Q&D search doesn't turn up any confirmation of these "facts", but, IIRC, KMA = Kodachrome Movie A-something. There was a corresponding KPA for slides (Picture?). Maybe.

. Ah. Found two places that mention that A = for Tungsten lighting. Not sure how true that is.

I just re-read this, and it's not super 8, which didn't come out until later... it's regular 8mm reversal. I'm pretty sure it's color film with no audio strip (the developed reels were all color with no audio).

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Watch it. Yah, pretty lame answer.

are you sure that it is a film but not music? :)

i have known that Hyderabad Cimemax theater persons are preserving that , i think if possible consult them may possible to give that

do a serial number check in the kodak archives

I've beeb assuming you're aware that the image is magnetic audio tape, NOT film...?

well the thing is it cant be kodak because kodaok wasnt out that early in time
if you were to do anything hold it in front of a projector to see people on there and if there is an actor or actress on there search woh it is and it might be worth alot of money

Actually, it is... I was finally able to have it identified as Kodak K14 kodachrome film... and it's currently being developed. If you exposed it to light before developing it, it would ruin the film.

The type of reel you show and it's contents look very much like an old reel to reel tape rather than film!

Perhaps it was just an illustration?

Correct, see the image notes. :) I couldn't take a pic of the actual reel without exposing it to light.

I have a small projector and a stack of these from a deceased friend of the family. I'm in the process of recoding them to digital for archival. Trouble is some are 8mm, and some are very slightly not 8mm (and thus don't fit the projector) -- there seems to be a few sizes that look very similar at a glance, so it may take a little more detective work to find exactly what it is.


7 years ago

You know, I honestly can't say if I ever knew. I just accepted the acronym and never thought much about it.