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Can you help me to find or build a digital metronome Answered

Hi, I'm a drummer and it would be really handy if I could have a clip on digital metronome I could mount on my bass drum rim or somewhere accessible. I would like one with 3 digits about 12mm square with a knob to adjust speed and the digits that display the speed flash on/off in beats per minute at the selected speed. I havent been able to find anything like this on the market tho my electronic drum kit control module has one it takes too long to reset. I'd like to be able to reach down, twirl the knob from Eg. 100 to 120 BPM I guess on/off would be handy too. This would allow a visual reference to the correct tempo for a piece of music and I'm hoping there might be a kit or someone could tell me how to build one.

Thanks y'orl, Ruffy



26 days ago

Hi, thanks for your reply, It doesn't solve my problem. I want to be able to use it on stage so want something quick and easily set. I imagine an on/off switch, a knob or up/down buttons, and 3 digits 15-25mm square that flash at the displayed beats per minute or alternatively with a seperate LED that flashes at the displayed tempo but because of the 'noise' on stage I need a clearly visible indication of tempo I'd have thought this would be readily available but not so... Most of the tempos I use are between 80 and 120 BPM (beats per minute) and I'm not as good at staying on a steady tempo as I should be. This would be a great help.


4 weeks ago

The Boss DB-90 or the Korg PM50 come to mind...