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Can you help write a video game? Answered

Do you want to get involved in moving an internet sensation to the next level?

Webcomic Questionable Content are looking for a video game developer to push forward the creative vision of the comic's author.

J Jaques says;

Today, I had an idea. An idea for a video game. A video game about WEBCOMICS.

I passed this idea around to a number of my colleagues, and they were very interested! It then began to dawn on me that this was possibly something I could actually make happen.

But obviously I don't know anything about actually making video games, so I would have to talk to a developer about it. And while I'm sure there is nothing video game developers hate more than a Normal Person Who Thinks They Have A Great Idea For A Game, I am pretty sure this idea has legs, both in terms of potential audience and potential funding.

So if you make video games for a living, shoot me an email. I would love to discuss my ideas with a professional.

If you don't know QC, you should.  If you have a couple of days spare, start reading at number one, otherwise pick up here.


This may be a bad question... BUT! Would you be able to pay any money? Because initially, me and a guy I know were working on an indie, but if we got a paid job, that would be better, you know?

It's not my scheme - the orange words are links.

hehe Great... I'll give you 2 guesses as to how many posts I've made on here

Let's see... I'm holding up some fingers on one hand.

I'm just passing on what I read - I thought some of our readers might fancy the chance to get involved with a popular comic.

I think some thing went wrong with my browser - (I posted that didn't understand what the game was supposed about, at length.)


Did you remove your top comment?

Somehow(?) yes.
I think comics should be left as they are, I can't see how a game would be good and I get no indication that anyone else does either.


Gah, I wish you hadn't linked to this. There goes my weekend.

Check these guys out: http://www.mspaintadventures.com/
they've got a couple of good examples of sorts of fake "choose your own adventure" animated comics. I believe it can work, it's just going to be difficult to keep up especially if there is updated content, cause then you're gonna need a programmer at hand all the time which can get expensive.