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Can you hook up a propane tank in place of natural gas hookup? Answered

For example, could you you connect a propane tank to something like this: http://bit.ly/fJG9VI It's a natural gas oven. 




I think the fittings are different to prevent this.

You can probably get a kit of parts to turn this stove into a propane burning stove.

The problem is that nat gas and propane burn differently and the regulator and other parts are specific to the gas to be burned.

.  +1. Not compatible, but conversion kits are available. Along with the fittings being different, you have to change out the orifice(s) (propane has a higher BTU content) and possibly the whole burner assembly.

It burns at a different speed, so the orifice size changes

you "could" but it would asplode or not ignite :D

I do believe propane to be more potent, and usually at higher pressure (liquified) needing a much smaller pinhole regulator.

Natural gas, primarily Methane = C1H4
Propane = C3H8

Different ratio = different stoicheometric ratio to burn completely = different air mix = different everything.