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Can you live without TV? Answered

I've pretty-much given up on TV

There's nothing much on that I need to see.

Having internet access is helping, but most of that isn't passive, so it's not really a substitute.

Can you live without TV?

I usually look at The Simpsons, but if I've seen it before and don't have sufficient interest I turn off. If I'm interested enough I might wait and give up at the next ad'-break.

Get used to life without TV and quite literally "you do not know what you're missing", which is mostly not worth watching.


Only today my dad was watching some lame cable car-crash show, which it turned out he'd already seen on Sunday...


I DO live without TV, I don't feel like I'm missing much.

Neither do I. If you "cut the cable" and you don't have a choice it's not so bad. L


9 years ago

Yes. However, there is the occasional gem that is really worth watching. I've recently got into Charlie Brooker, a satirist who makes Stewart/Colbert look reserved- he likened the recent G20 summit (during which our news media went gaga for the Obamas) to a particular game involving a biscuit. Then there's science-tainment (Mythbusters, Scrapheap Challenge/Junkyard Wars, Rough Science, QI etc) which I would guess appeals to a large proportion of the Instructables demographic. And, of course, guilty pleasures like Top Gear- who doesn't want to see a caravan set on fire with a jet engine or an amphibious campervan drive across 25 miles of sea?

I do like Charlie's Screenwipe. Did you ever see TVGoHome? (I've got a couple of clips from very late night C4 I think - dark, disturbed stuff...) L

No, cuz you need a tv for Video games! Plus, if there is an F5 tornado, how will you know?

To be specific "TV" rather than "a TV". As for the F5 tornado - I'll know when it hits me... L

I play xbox on TV, but the online games are better, so YES, I can live with no TV for ever. However, I cannot live even a day without a computer in hand.. :-O

Well, maybe I cannot live without CRT TV's because I need their flyback transformers and other guts for fun experments, and they are all going... To the landfills.. :-(

Of course I could! *Goes to youtube.*

Ah yes, the video-clips. I can spend a long time on those, but I'm always thinking do something else!


It's so tempting, "go on I'll just look at that one and then I'll stop..." L

Haha!, I have have that problem with my favorite online game Darkorbit, I would be attempted to look just to see what is going on, before I know it, I am playing it... lol

I don't watch TV that much, but I use it a lot. I play on the Wii and the PS2 an awful lot, and I spend a lot of my time watching Red Dwarf, Brittas Empire, Quantum Leap and other great shows on DVD. I could live without it, in that I would be able to survive. Whether I would want to is another matter. I probably would want to keep it on, for enjoyment. However, without killing people on Call of Duty, I don't know whether I would resort to suicide ;)

All but one of our local stations have switched to digital, and I'm to frugal (cheap) to pay for cable. I probably watch about 2 hours of TV a week these days. But, I'll have to confess I probably spend an hour a day on Youtube, so I'm not exactly going cold turkey.

Pff.... That's like asking if you can drink soda through your ears. YES, but it hurts like hell......

Good analogy! (I'll remember that one) L

. My TV runs almost 24/7, but often it is just making noise. I listen to more TV than I watch. But I could (and have) live without it.
. Usually tuned to comedy (Comedy Central, Adult Swim)1, educational (Discovery, TLC), or news (MSNBC, CNN) channels. I enjoy a good blow-'em-up-and-crash-'em or dummies-caught-on-tape show every now and then.

1 Fox News can be hilarious at times

I didn't grow up watching TV, so it's not hard. We have free cable - as in they forgot to turn it off, I guess. I really only watch TV on DVD. I don't like the idea of the TV controlling my schedule - I don't like working around it. I'd rather be able to sit down and watch what I want when I want and move on with my life. :)

Mmm why am I thinking of Brian O'Blivion right now...?


I love TV - especially free TV. And best of all are the science, history, kids educational, political discussion and nature shows.

My old tube TV is 20 years old and gets 25 digital channels using a rickety old antenna in the attic and one of those freedigital TV converter boxes.

My little boy learns so much from the educational shows.

You know, it is a lot like shopping at a supermarket. There are 10,000 choices. You don't have to buy Froot Loops and Pepsi. In the same way, you don't have to watch police reality shows. Garbage In Garbage Out. Be choosy and watch selectively I guess.

Good for you! Being selective can be rewarding, I agree. It's not that I don't find some TV that I like, the question is "can you live without it?" L

No Yes No No Yes No No No I guess not... :P

I watch all of my shows on Hulu, actually, and I own Stargate on DVD. Good 'nuff for me.

Also I really I you guys, google, and yahoo to give me my news for the day :P

I'm pretty sure that there's still a TV in our house somewhere. It hasn't been turned on in a month or two, though, and I lost the homing signal.

There's a TV in my house, but it needs taking apart... PC has TV card but it gets little use. L

Yep. I watch the news, Monk (of course!) and a few other things, but sometimes I'll go days without watching anything. There really isn't much good on...

Where I live Monk is "Daytime TV" like "Quincy" and "Diagnosis Murder" etc. so that's out of reach for me.
And it's often hard to find good news, i.e. the news where fact x importance = news.


Sure. I can catch the news online. Besides that, there's nothing ever on. If I get bored, I play chess or read. At least that's how it has been here lately.

I think I can live without TV for the most part, except sometimes I like to watch the Jay Leno show and the news. Other than that I don't really watch it.