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Can you make a clear birdhouse? Answered

More specifically would birds use this, or would they see through it , not feel safe, and leave. I was considering using Plexiglas.



Best Answer 8 years ago

I made a bird house with a Plexiglas wall for my wife's lovebirds. The rear wall was hinged, so we could open the back and expose the Plexiglas wall (sort of an interior back wall).

This let us photograph baby chicks. However, all the birds would become agitated when we would open the back and light would flood into the normally dark nest.

So we rigged up a camera inside the false back for remote photos.  Light was a big issue.  Used red LEDs, small light holes...  I tried a one-way mirror wall, but the light coming through was too much for the birds comfort.

However, it seemed that the birds were most comfortable in fairly dark nests.  (Perhaps other species would be more amicable to a see through nest.)  Trying to work around that instinct made the nest less attractive to the lovebirds.

Regarding bird observation, you've probably seen this one already, but if you haven't, here:
It's a wearable hummingbird feeder made from what used to be a clear plastic face shield.  It's for looking at hummingbirds close up.


That is is really awesome feeder!

Clear or see-through feeders, that is probably a better opportunity than a clear nest.


There also a video of the outside of the bird box. The reason for it being tall, is the camera has a narrow viewing angle so to get the whole floor of the bird box, it had to be well back, or up, in my case.


Ps, the background noise is Wellington's (NZ) famous wind, and this summer, its been almost 24/7.

I agree with the others.  You know it's secure inside but birds wouldn't realise that because they can see it from outside.  Their birdy brains don't understand 'transparent'.

Yup, and they might not be able to figure out how to get inside to begin with and might kill themselves trying to do it.
I don't think it would work because 1) it would get very hot inside due to greenhouse effect and 2) the birds wouldn't feel safe.

I've seen birdhouses with one clear side so you could peek in or take photos, but even then there was usually an opaque cover over it most of the time, so as not to spook the birds.


8 years ago

I agree with AngryRedhead about the greenhouse effect. 
My son built a nice bird house with a hinged roof a few years ago. Ostensibly, it was so the house could be cleaned out at the end of summer, but we found, when the parents were away from the nest, we could raise the roof and take a peek at  the eggs and later on, the chicks in the nest.